The Freelancers Guide to Survival

Be the Source

May 11, 2020 Amrit Sandhu Season 1 Episode 1
The Freelancers Guide to Survival
Be the Source
Show Notes Transcript

Welcome to the very first episode of 5 Minute Wisdom! In this episode I'll be starting with a short relaxing meditation based on the episode topic, followed by some thoughts to expand on this topic, and finally I'll explain how I've applied it in my own life.

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Narrated and written by Amrit Sandhu,

I hope you enjoy this, and if you have any suggestions, or constructive feedback, please do contact me on email [email protected]

Amrit Sandhu

Welcome to the 5 minute Wisdom Podcast. Helping busy people to grow no matter how busy your world gets.

Brought to you by your host, Amrit Sandhu.

Find a comfortable quiet place to sit down and get ready for your meditation.

Take a deep breath and Relax.  Feel any tension in your muscles unwinding as you exhale and let go. Now, Imagine you are in a pyramid of white light that completely surrounds your body. You're safe. And it feels good. 

You are the source of many things in your life. You give joy to friends. You give love to family. You give food to your body which in turn keeps you alive and strong. 

Today, acknowledge how you are the source of many things. And can be the source of anything you choose to be.

Now, as you gently become aware of your surroundings, take a deep breath and exhale and bring your breathing back to our normal pace. Open your eyes when you are ready.


Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that short meditation. It’s to help you relax and get some much needed quality me-time.

Now onto today's topic. Becoming the source of something can help you have more of it. 

Look at the people around you. Those who are most generous have the most. Those who are kindest seem to have the most happiness. Those who help others seem to be the ones getting the most love. If you desire something, instead of hoarding it, give it away to someone. And then you’ll see you’ll get more of it. Today be the source of something to someone else. And see how the universe ends up giving you more of it in return.


And finally I'll be sharing why I wrote this and what inspired me.

I chose  “Being the source” as our first pearl of wisdom for a reason. It is this principle which has inspired me to start this 5 minutes of wisdom podcast. Whilst I help others improve their lives and gain a sense of stability in these most unstable times, I in turn will be growing and gaining a sense of stability in mine.