The Freelancers Guide to Survival

Everything is here to serve you

May 26, 2020 Amrit Sandhu Season 1 Episode 3
The Freelancers Guide to Survival
Everything is here to serve you
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In this episode I discuss how everything is here to serve you in your life.

Often we think things are against us. But if we just take the time to look a little deeper, we soon see how this is not the case.

I'll also give you a very powerful tool to help you deal with any negative repetitive emotions.

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Amrit Sandhu
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Episode3: Everything is here to serve you

In this episode you’ll learn how everything you have and experience, is here to serve you and help you grow.

Welcome to the 5 minute Wisdom Podcast. Helping busy people to live a more fulfilling life and grow.

Brought to you by your host, Amrit Sandhu.

Find a comfortable quiet place to sit down and get ready for your meditation.

Your meditation is about to begin. 

Take a deep breath and Relax.  Feel any tension in your muscles unwinding as you exhale and let go. Now, Imagine you are in a pyramid of white light that completely surrounds your body. You're safe. And it feels good. 

Everything is here to serve you. Every experience you have helps you to grow. In this way you leave this life with more experience than when you entered. 

All your life you grow. Take time out today to notice how every experience you’ve had, whether deemed negative or positive, has been there to serve you; to help you grow in one way or another. When you see things this way, you discover there is ultimately no negative experience. Whatever feelings or thoughts come to mind today to bring up past hurt or pain. Become aware of where the feeling resides in your body. It may be in your stomach, your heart or your head or some other part of your body. Make a mental note of where that is. Acknowledge the feeling. Let it exist, and thank it for revealing itself. It is there to assist you and help you grow. Later you will be given tools to release it it but for now just be aware of it and let it be.

Now, as you gently become aware of your surroundings, take a deep breath and exhale and bring your breathing back to our normal pace. Open your eyes when you are ready.


Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that short meditation. It’s to help you relax and get some much needed quality me-time as well as grasp this episodes concepts.

Now onto today's topic. 

Every experience you have, whether deemed good or bad is here to serve you and help you to grow. And you will continue to experience the same things again and again until you have learnt to overcome them. You'll attract the same kind of person, or the same struggles. It's not because the world is the same, it's because you are. Once you've learnt to overcome those struggles and they no longer effect you, then you will stop receiving them. In this way you are continuously evolving. Today see how things you find highly irritable are really your greatest teachers in learning patience and love. Instead, thank them for the reminder and move on. 



Shortly after starting this podcast I received a hurl of abuse from some neighbors about some random things. It was a shocking experience which caused me to stand up for myself but even that drained my energy and left a lingering depressive state I felt from the guilt of my strong reaction to them. When I saw them as my teachers in patience and love and that they are just characters in my story to help me to grow, then the power I felt they held over me dissipated. It was as though I was myself again and my dark cloud had gone.