Founders Story

ROOFING CONTRACTOR: Golden Group Roofing

June 17, 2021 Rick Porter, Greta Bajrami Episode 22
Founders Story
ROOFING CONTRACTOR: Golden Group Roofing
Show Notes

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had to change all of your life's goals in an instant? Greta found herself in such a situation near the end of high school when she became pregnant, though this isn't where Greta's story ends. She hustled and worked hard to get her college degree and reimagined a new dream that would work with her new situation in life. She battled against the adversity of not only being a woman in a man dominated field but also being an immigrant that had to teach herself English at a young age.

Greta's story is incredibly motivating, showing that anyone can find success, but only the fearless can be great. After listening to Greta's story you will agree that Greta is fearless!

What life event is getting in your way of being fearless and preventing you from being great?

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