A Counselors Journey To Private Practice

Gordon Brewer Shares Inside Secrets To Having A Successful Counseling Practice | Episode 24

August 28, 2020 Juan Santos Season 1 Episode 24
A Counselors Journey To Private Practice
Gordon Brewer Shares Inside Secrets To Having A Successful Counseling Practice | Episode 24
A Counselors Journey To Private Practice +
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Show Notes

Welcome to A Counselors Journey To Private Practice. I'm your host, Juan.

This episode is all about going From $0 to $50,000 in private practice. Here are some tips that will get you there smoothly:

Call People - reach out to your community. Call all counselor's in your area and let them know that you're starting a private practice. Break bread and get coffee with those counselors. That way, you can have some referrals moving forward.

Get Business Cards - Make sure you put a picture of yourself on the business card. That way, your client will know what you look like, and it can build an emotional connection.

Work With An Accountant -  Get a separate bank account. Your business finances should not be mixed in with your personal finances. It may be beneficial to work with an accountant right away. That way, you do not miss essential deadlines like tax season!

Sublease An Office - Rent a space for $20 an hour instead of forking over thousands of dollars each month on office space. Subleasing is a significant way to cut overhead costs and keep your expenses low when you're just starting out in private practice.

Start Part-Time - Instead of diving into private practice, start part-time so you still have your full-time income to rely on. Once you get enough clients under your belt, it will be easier to leave your full-time gig behind.

Build A Website - Your website is your brand; make sure it is consistent. Sometimes, you need to spend money to earn money, so it may be more efficient to pay upfront rather than learn all the tech skills.

SEO - This is how your clients will find you. If you have keywords around your services, clients will be able to find you easier. One way you can do this is by writing blog posts.

Plus, Gordon gives tips on marketing your private practice:

ROI is much more important than figuring out a percentage. If you're going to spend $1,000 on advertising, you want to know that you're making a profit on that. If you spend $1,000 and it brings you twenty more clients, that will definitely be a good return on investment because you'll make money in the long-run. Think about what you spend on marketing and how you're making money in return.

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