A Counselors Journey To Private Practice

Jarod Spiewak Expert Google Ads Specialist Teaches Counselors How To Increase Return On Investment | Episode 59

March 17, 2021 Juan Santos Season 1 Episode 59
A Counselors Journey To Private Practice
Jarod Spiewak Expert Google Ads Specialist Teaches Counselors How To Increase Return On Investment | Episode 59
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Show Notes

Welcome to A Counselors Journey To Private Practice. I'm your host, Juan.

Do you want real results that pay dividends for years to come? Then, you've come to the right place! My guest today is ready to tell us how to generate revenue through online marketing​ strategy and execution​​. 

About Jarod Spiewak

Jarod Spiewak is the founder and lead strategist of Blue Dog Media, a boutique marketing agency that helps service-based businesses (mainly law firms) acquire more clients through Search Engine Marketing. The goal of Blue Dog Media is simple: to make clients more money as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of Blue Dog Media's success stories include helping a personal injury law firm increase their organic search call volume by over 170% in a matter of months, maintaining a 20-25% paid ads conversion rate for a criminal defense attorney, and helping a young CPA firm rise above the seasoned local competition on Google.

Know Your Marketing Numbers

Businesses that don't have large marketing spends are very focused on referrals. You see that a lot with professional-based companies. Marketing dollars tend to be very low. Let's say they are spending $300 in marketing per month. However, they have no idea if it's actually working or not. Yes, their phone is ringing – but is it because of the marketing, or is it because of the referrals? 

Not knowing these numbers can be pretty dangerous, especially in certain situations where you just trust the system can work. Make sure you're tracking the performance of your campaigns. That data will tell you if it's actually working or not. Without that tracking, you don't know if you're wasting every single dollar of what you're putting into that marketing channel.

Tips For Google Ads

The core fundamental thing that you need to make sure is done is setting up your account. Regardless of how much money you're spending - the number one thing you need to do is conversion tracking. While tracking ROI is excellent, it's not as simple as plug-and-play. When it comes to conversion tracking, you should be able to go into your Google Ads account and know how many phone calls you have and how many form-fills you have. Then, you should be able to look at what is or is not working, as well as how much it's costing you to generate leads. 

Tune in as Jarod gives loads more tips for private practice owners who are sick of letting their marketing dollars slip through the cracks and are ready for those concrete conversions! 

Find Jarod Spiewak

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jarod.spiewak
Website: jarodspiewak.com
Blue Dog Media: teambluedog.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarodspiewak/

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