A Counselors Journey To Private Practice

Steve Anderson Teaches The Top 3 Steps for Building the Profitable Practice of your Dreams | Episode 60

March 19, 2021 Juan Santos Season 1 Episode 60
A Counselors Journey To Private Practice
Steve Anderson Teaches The Top 3 Steps for Building the Profitable Practice of your Dreams | Episode 60
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Show Notes

Welcome to A Counselors Journey To Private Practice. I'm your host, Juan.

 This episode is all about what you need to do to build the profitable practice of your dreams!

 About Steve Anderson

In everything he does, Steve Anderson finds no greater joy than to impact others and leave a lasting and positive legacy of improvement. Steve has helped dentists realize their dental practice dreams by designing and building over 1,000 dental offices through his company, Denco Dental Construction, Inc. He also conducts accredited dental seminars and dental school lectures. He is the author of two books, A Dentists Blueprint to Success and DentalEase. DentalEase is the result of Steve's 30 years of intense effort and experience, showing dentists how to create the dental office they have always dreamed of owning.

This essential guide aims to help dentists make wise, educated decisions effortlessly and minimize or eliminate the painful (and expensive) lessons that many dentists have experienced. DentalEase provides dentists with the exact steps to renovate or construct the dental practice of their dreams successfully, saving at least $10,000 (and possibly more than $100,000) while building a dental practice that is both stress-free and profitable. DentalEase helps dentists answer questions that they never knew to ask before. Dentists call the book "An incredible encyclopedia on how to attain success as a dentist."

Use my affiliate link below to purchase a copy of Steve's book:


Know Yourself

The number one thing you need to do to build a profitable practice is to know yourself.  The single biggest issue in private practice is not knowing who you are! If you truly understand who you are when it comes time to making decisions, it goes so much more effortlessly and easier. That way, you're not buying into someone else's Kool-Aid or buying into someone else's ideas. When you pick up the phone, and someone is trying to sell you something to make your practice better, you decide to hang up right away because you know better!

Have A Vision

The next thing you need to do to build a profitable private practice is to have a vision. Take the time to figure out what your vision is. It can be as simple as using a little app on your phone – the notes app. Just make notes about what is interesting. Subconsciously, we let those define us, but usually, we don't talk out loud about them. Once we have enough notes, then we can start fine-tuning our vision.

Fist of Success

 Lastly, you need the fist of success. Literally, a fist! So many professionals have their fists up, and they're blocking their success. Tune in as Steve dives into what it means to have a fist of success.

Find Steve

Website: www.dencodental.com 

 Go to https://www.dreamdentalpractice.net/ to download the first chapter of DentalEase.

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