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Antipreneur 62 – Getting Your Podcast Out into the World with Ling Yah

April 29, 2022 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Storyteller Season 3 Episode 13
The Antipreneur Show
Antipreneur 62 – Getting Your Podcast Out into the World with Ling Yah
Show Notes

This is the first interview with someone who tracked me down and asked to come on the podcast, and I could not be more excited. Ling is the Host and Producer of the terrific podcast, So This Is My Why. She interviews inspiring people about their journey to discovering and living their "WHY" or purpose in life.

Over the past couple years, Ling has evolved from someone who was scared to put her voice into the world to an expert podcaster who’s interviewed some of the biggest names on the planet. She’s featured entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, musicians, Hollywood actresses, VC founders, and other inspiring people - always diving deep into forging an unconventional career.

In this episode, we go through the ins and outs of her podcast journey, and the insightful lessons you can apply to your podcast or content series. We talk getting through tough times, reaching out to A-list guests, recording podcasts with video, the technical learning curve, and getting pumped to share your story with the world. Ling also takes us through her growing passion for NFTs and why she has endless love for the artists who create them.

You’ll be blown away by Ling’s story about Mount Everest, as well. She hiked to base camp in March 2020. Enough said.

You can connect with Ling at, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter




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