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Antiprener 64 - Let You Best Self Shine! What Are You Waiting For? w/ Karyl Eckerle

May 22, 2022 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Storyteller Season 3 Episode 15
The Antipreneur Show
Antiprener 64 - Let You Best Self Shine! What Are You Waiting For? w/ Karyl Eckerle
Show Notes

Karyl Eckerle is an entrepreneurial dynamo! A real figure it out and take the bull by the horns kind of woman.

Personal branding and image strategist, Karyl Eckerle, is committed to helping women take their place as “Who’s Who” in their field. Specializing in women in leadership roles (both in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures), Karyl works with organizations and individuals to develop and showcase consistent image and personal brand credibility through in-person and digital first impression strategies.

For Karyl Eckerle, your image is everything.

It is the face of your business, it is how you create a sense of credibility and expertise, it is how you are seen, heard, and remembered, and it is how you become the go-to expert in your field.

Eckerle is the face of The Image Impact Group, a branding agency focused specifically on female leaders in client-facing roles, from executives to lawyers to real estate professionals and public speakers. Image Impact bridges the divide between image and personal branding, allowing her clients to create a clear, consistent, and confident message no matter what medium they are navigating.

Why is this needed? According to Eckerle, many women have the education, knowledge, and expertise to be leaders in their field, but they don’t yet have what it takes to stand out, become visible, make a true impact, be original, exude confidence, and be known as the experts. That is where she comes in, coaching her clients on impact branding, and also doing some speaking along the way.

During our interview, Eckerle talked about how she works with her clients, how her own experiences help guide her coaching, and how the changes she made for herself inform the approach she takes to helping women reach their peak potential. What do you want to be known for? Karyl will help you discover that.

You can find Karyl online making an impact in entreprenurs lives on LinkedIn and of course on her website at

You can take Karyl's Instant Image Assessment at