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#43 - Outdoorsy - The #Antipreneur Show

October 07, 2020 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Storyteller Season 3 Episode 9
The Antipreneur Show
#43 - Outdoorsy - The #Antipreneur Show
Show Notes

In This Episode Dan covers the Outdoorsy company and how he utilized their services to aid in his Ctrl-Alt-Del journey.
You could think of Outdoorsy as the AIR BNB of R.V. and Camper rentals.
Dan used this services to grab a small popup trailer for his journey into the Michigan Wilderness.

0:00 Intro
0:35 What is Outdoorsy?
3:45 What Was My Experience Like Using Outdoorsy?
5:30 Who is this company? Who is the CEO?
8:27 Would I recommend using Outdoorsy?
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