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#45 - What Does It Mean To Be (A) Creative? - The #Antipreneur Show

October 21, 2020 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Storyteller Season 3 Episode 11
The Antipreneur Show
#45 - What Does It Mean To Be (A) Creative? - The #Antipreneur Show
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In this episode Rob Boggan visits the show and chops it up with Dan about Creativity and what exactly it means to be "A" creative.

They discuss the origins of creativity, whether it's born or bred and how to navigate being creatively free while making a living with your creativity.

Rob has some awesome insights on collaboration,  creative boundaries (or lack thereof), consistency in creativity and motivation.

He also shares what he is up to currently with the Curated Culture website and where you can find him on social media as well.

Curated Culture:

Rob's Handles:

Here is a Great Article on Motivation

Here’s how most people approach motivation:

Here’s how motivation really works:


0:00 - Intro
2:03 - What is creativity (Rob)
2:40 - What is creativity (Dan)
4:20 - Collaboration is fun (Dan)
 5:20 - Collaboration is fun (Rob)
8:17 - Creativity... Born or Bred?
10:34 - Creativity... Born or Bred? (Dan)
15:45 - Should Creativity Have Boundaries?
22:46 - "Prolific + Brilliant - Healthy = Burnout" (Todd Henry)
25:15 -  "Brilliant + Healthy - Prolific = Unreliable" (Todd Henry)
30:24 - "Healthy = Prolific - Brilliant = Unemployed" (Todd Henry)
34:33 - Rob's Current Creative Ventures
37:46 - Question Everything!
43:00 - What could be more gratifying than being a creative?
48:40 - We wouldn't trade being creative for the world!
53:00 - Final Thoughts

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What is Creativity?
Creative Collaboration is Fun
Is Creativity Born or Bred?
Should Creativity Have Boundries?
Prolific + Brilliant - Healthy = Burnout
Brilliant + Healthy - Prolific = Unreliable
Healthy + Prolific - Brilliant = Unemployed
Rob's Current Creative Ventures
Question Everything
What Could Be More Gratifying Than Being a Creative?
We Wouldn't Trade Being Creative For The World
Final Thoughts