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Frame of Mind Methods: a Vulner-ABLE Experience

February 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 36
See Me Show
Frame of Mind Methods: a Vulner-ABLE Experience
Show Notes

I'm coming at you raw and real in this episode!!! It's Sunday, February 7, 2021 and I just completed my first-ever Frame of Mind Methods! FOM Methods is a 3-day virtual training session specifically designed to teach the philosophy, the process, the technique, the nuts, the bolts, and the MAGIC that creates powerful coaching.

Just two minutes after my experience at FOM methods, I was eager to hop on here and share with you some of the key takeaways from this experience. Here are some key concepts I will be discussing in this episode:

  • Being vulner-ABLE
  • The power of intuition
  • Judgment versus being judgmental
  • The importance of asking questions and being curious
  • Changing your thinking so you can change your outcomes
  • Why storytelling is a catalyst for change
  • My personal experiences with coaching and therapy
  • Meditation 
  • Don't eat rotten mangos
  • There is always room for learning and growth
  • Beliefs are the real bottleneck
  • My journal
  • A surprise!!!! <3 

*Want to learn more about methods? Check out the Frame of Mind Coaching website:
**Check out Karen Kofman from Thornhill Meditation