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The Art of Letting Go

July 20, 2021 Season 2 Episode 8
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The Art of Letting Go
Show Notes

Have you ever held onto something that prevented you from getting closer to where you wanted to be? Do you struggle with letting go?

In this week's episode, Hailey and Aaliyan discuss the art of letting go. Recently, Hailey chopped 12 inches of her hair off, and it made her realize how challenging it is to let go. Hair is one thing, but letting go of mistakes, regrets, expectations, perfectionism, and all of those more complex topics is incredibly difficult. Hailey and Aaliyan aim to provide listeners their insights on how they can let go of the smallest and largest things that are holding them back from living an authentic life. In more detail they discuss:

  • Their life update
  • Why letting go is so difficult
  • The things and ideas they have struggled to let go of
  • The benefits of letting go
  • Advice for letting go
  • And more!

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