Can't Take the Heat

New York City Beats the Heat - Part 2

September 03, 2020 Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Season 1 Episode 6
Can't Take the Heat
New York City Beats the Heat - Part 2
Show Notes

In part-two of our series on what it takes to keep people safe from extreme heat in New York City, I interview Sonal Jessel, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. She talks about how decades old policies and decisions create systemic, environmental racism in New York. Black and brown residents often tend to live in areas with less green space, more air pollution and have less access to public services. This puts them at greater risk of hazards like extreme heat and COVID-19. 

Listen to the episode to learn more about what can be done to address underlying inequities.

This is part two of a two-part series. The first part of this series features Kizzy Charles-Guzman from the NYC Mayors Office of Resiliency. It focuses on how New York City is addressing extreme heat in COVID-19 times, including through their new air conditioning program. 

References and Supplemental Materials:

The paper mentioned at the beginning of the episode is:
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