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Leslie, Shiela, and Brian: Community, Startups, and the African Diaspora in the DMV
June 05, 2018 Jessica Bell
Today our episode features Leslie, Shiela, and Brian of IO Spaces. Leslie is the co founder and managing partner of I/O spacer in Silver Spring. He has an infectious personality, with a big smile, cameroonian accent, and never ending positivity, it’s not a hard stretch to picture him as a community organizer. He brought with him Shiela, who after a few moments in a room radiates passion and excitement - you can tell this woman knows her stuff. As one of Leslie’s first IO Spaces residents, she shares how she has watched the community grow and evolve. Brian also joined us to talk about his role as a teacher and mentor with the new IO Spaces programming which focuses on skills training. Wanna learn SEO? Now you know where to start! The group shares their thoughts on community building, the intersections of tech and culture, and why IO Spaces is different.
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