Right Side of the Brain

Cassandra Hugill - Dept of Neuro imaging UCL

October 24, 2022 Nirjay Mahindru/Cassandra Hugill Season 5 Episode 1
Right Side of the Brain
Cassandra Hugill - Dept of Neuro imaging UCL
Show Notes

Nirjay Mahindru in conversation with Cassandra Hugill, founder of the UCL World Stroke Day Forum and Public Engagement Manager at the Department of Imaging Neuroscience, UCL, discusses the importance of having lived experts voice in shaping stroke research and rehabilitation. Cassandra has been working with people with neurological conditions for the past five years, ensuring that research is accessible and more tailored to the needs of patients. To find out more about the forum, and to watch some short documentaries about the stroke research taking place at UCL, please visit bit.ly/UCLWSDforum   

UCL World Stroke Day Forum

A free Forum run by UCL for stroke survivors and their loved ones will return in 2022.
Now in its fifth year, UCL World Stroke Day Forum aims to empower stroke survivors to influence the future of stroke research at UCL.
The forum, sponsored by The National Brain Appeal, encourages an open dialogue between researchers, clinicians, charities, stroke survivors, carers and loved ones.
Since 2020 the Forum has been held entirely online due to the pandemic. For the first time, UCL World Stroke Day Forum 2022 will be a hybrid event.
Online sessions will be held in the two weeks leading up to an in-person event at Church House Westminster, London on Friday 28th October.
The forum will build upon previous years successes, where in 2021 over 500 stroke survivors, loved ones and carers signed up to our online events.
UCL research groups will team up once more with stroke charities to deliver panel discussions, interactive talks and workshops.
The exciting programme of free events will include a series of online panels with leading stroke experts starting from the 17th October 2022.
These events will lead up to the in-person event at Church House, Westminster, London on Friday 28th October 2022.
The full day event will provide people with the opportunity to engage with researchers and charity partners in an open expo space, and learn more about post stroke support, research and rehabilitation in a series of talks and hands on workshops.  Tickets can be booked at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/in-person-event-ucl-world-stroke-day-forum-2022-tickets-418048653777
Online sessions can be booked at https://engagement.fil.ion.ucl.ac.uk/projects/wsdforum/ucl-world-stroke-day-forum-2022/

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