Axelbank Reports History and Today

#87: Kate Clifford Larson - "Walk with Me"

June 07, 2022 Evan Axelbank
Axelbank Reports History and Today
#87: Kate Clifford Larson - "Walk with Me"
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Where do rights come from? Do they come from the Constitution? The Supreme Court? From God? The voting booth?

Bestselling author Dr. Kate Clifford Larson argues in her biography of Fannie Lou Hamer that rights also come from those willing to fight for them, from heroes who risk their lives while demanding the full promise of what America offers. Hamer was born a Mississippi sharecropper who would insist on the right to vote, speak at public hearings and - at times - face violence for her efforts. Dr. Larson traces the roots of Hamer's bravery, her beliefs and the moments where her life took drastic turns. Dr. Larson also describes the moments where this Civil Rights icon captured the nation's attention, to the point where even the President of the United States was forced to listen. We also spoke with Dr. Larson about the future of biography and what project she might consider next.

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(Cont.) #87: Kate Clifford Larson - "Walk with Me"