Axelbank Reports History and Today

#93: Natalie Jacobson - "Natalie Jacobson Reporting"

August 02, 2022 Evan Axelbank
Axelbank Reports History and Today
#93: Natalie Jacobson - "Natalie Jacobson Reporting"
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Who ARE the newsmakers who we see on TV or the web? What makes them tick? Who are they when they aren't running for office, starring in Hollywood or battling criminals in court? In this episode, we talk with legendary Boston anchor Natalie Jacobson about the technique she used to document Boston's newsmakers over her four-decade career as a journalist. She explains how she realized that it was just as important to visit with political bigwigs in their homes as it was to cover their policy proposals. Her memoir also describes how she went from the daughter of an immigrant family in Chicago to become one of the most-well-known people in one of America's most important cities. She also talks about the history of the news business and what its future may hold. While she became famous for her, "At Home," segments, during this episode, Natalie was the one answering the questions!

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(Cont.) #93: Natalie Jacobson - "Natalie Jacobson Reporting"