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REX AFRASIABI - The highs and lows of starting your own business

December 09, 2020 Emily Jaksch
Purposely Podcast
REX AFRASIABI - The highs and lows of starting your own business
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Listen to Rex's story and find out how this successful lawyer spent years of his career in fashion, traveling the world, before starting his own Law Firm, MA Legal.  Rex's shares how his own passion for business, and creating a firm where his people count, make him the man he is today!

In this episode, I talked with Rex, Principal and the founder of MA Legal. Rex started MA Legal with a drive to help his clients achieve success within the framework of the law.

He is known for his business acumen and ability to guide clients not only through complex commercial litigation and business negotiation but in their strategic growth and planning needs. He has played a pivotal role not only in start-ups but in existing large enterprises with his clients comprising real estate moguls and business leaders.

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