The Climb

Ep 1. Kei Kamara on Mentors & Giving Back

June 17, 2020 with Adrian Bradbury Season 1 Episode 1
The Climb
Ep 1. Kei Kamara on Mentors & Giving Back
Show Notes

Today on The Climb, Adrian is joined by MLS All-Star Kei Kamara.

Kei Kamara was born and raised in Sierra Leone, and made his way to the US through a refugee program when he was just 16. And, it was back in 2005 at California State University (Dominguez Hills) where his soccer prowess started to get some real attention -- and 15 years later he sits on 148 professional goals, that has spanned 7 different clubs in the MLS; a loan spell in the English premier league with Norwich City and a season in the championship with Middlesbrough. Always entertaining, Kei is also incredibly connected to his communities -- and that was recognized in 2015 when he was named the MLS Humanitarian of the Year.

And today, Kei shares he thought on the game, giving back and mentors -- right here, on The Climb.

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