The Climb

Ep 3. Tomasz Radzinski on The Details

July 01, 2020 with Adrian Bradbury Season 1 Episode 3
The Climb
Ep 3. Tomasz Radzinski on The Details
Show Notes

Today on The Climb (and Happy Canada Day!), Adrian is joined by Tomasz Radzinski.

Tomasz Radzinski scored goals -- 190 in fact in 500 professional appearances. Originally from Poland, Tomasz ventured to Canada where he launched his professional soccer career, where he scoring 10 times and earned 46 caps for the senior national team.

Tomasz also had an incredible European career, most notably in the Premier League with Everton and Fulham, and with Anderlecht in Belgium when he buried 52 goals in just 77 appearances.

Tomasz now calls Belgium home where he works with Atticus Sports Group, with a focus on the development of up and coming professional footballers, and we’ll dig into ‘care’ and ‘managing the details' -- today, on the The Climb.

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