The Climb

Ep 6. Steven Caldwell on Bravery & Leadership

July 22, 2020 with Adrian Bradbury Season 1 Episode 6
The Climb
Ep 6. Steven Caldwell on Bravery & Leadership
Show Notes

Today on The Climb, Adrian is joined by former Premier League centre back and Toronto FC captain Steven Caldwell.

Steven Caldwell’s 18-year playing career started in the English Premier League with Newcastle United, where he also had stops at Leeds, Sunderland, Burnley and Wigan. And, it was from his centre back spot that Steven was the physical and vocal leader of successful premier league promotion runs for both Sunderland and Burnley. And after 2.5 years in the MLS with Toronto FC, Steven is now in the broadcast booth as a soccer analyst for TSN, in the boardroom as the president of the Oakville Blue Devils, and back on the field as an assistant coach for the revitalized Canadian Men’s National Team. We’re also thrilled to have his voice on the Global Advisory Council of Ascent Soccer.

And today, Steven shares his ideas on bravery and leadership -- right here, on The Climb.

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