The Conversation
NATO: Does It Still Matter?
NATO: Does It Still Matter? 29:42 What's Your Political Color? 31:12 The US Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Reflecting on the War 29:28 A $15 Minimum Wage: Too Much, Too Little or Just Right? 58:56 The 2020 US Presidential Election is Over. Now what? 48:30 Trying to Make Sense of the Capital Riots 52:40 Talking to Erik, an Independent – “Thinking Independently” 44:54 The Last Ballot to Define America 59:38 Deciding Who Gets Shot: Kenosha, WI 42:52 Portland and the Politics of Protest 53:42 Confederate Symbols: American History or American Hate? 56:28 George Floyd: The Start of Civil Rights Movement 2.0? 51:20 George Floyd: Time for All American’s to Have “The Talk”? 49:38 Employer-Provided Healthcare: Is it Working? 48:56 When Should We Reopen the Economy? 44:22 Crossing Party Lines: The Origin Story 30:56