Exploring the healthcare space with Dr Mark Shapiro MD.

April 04, 2022 Season 3 Episode 4
Exploring the healthcare space with Dr Mark Shapiro MD.
Show Notes

In S3 E4 I am delighted to welcome Dr Mark Shapiro MD to the podcast.
Dr Shapiro is a Hospitalist in full time clinical practice in Sonoma Vally, California. He is board certified in internal medicine, attained in University of California, San Diego. He has a BA in history from University of California, Los Angeles and spent some time as a sports journalist as an undergraduate.
       Notably he is the creator, producer and host of the fabulous Explore the Space Podcast, a show focused on bringing healthcare providers and consumers together through conversation with leaders across a diverse spectrum of disciplines, expertise and interests. Mark is also a TEDx speaker and delivered his first TEDx talk in March 2021 on using compliments as a lever in health care ( link below).   Dr Shapiro is an active voice on Twitter, a fan of the TV show Ted Lasso and inspiration behind the #MedLasso movement. He is also an avid home coffee roaster and Peloton bike rider.
    In this conversation Mark takes me on a ride of wit and wonder as we explore his own creative career in healthcare. We discuss his professional role as a hospitalist and the increasingly rarity and value of generalist skills in modern healthcare. 
      He tells me about his passion and purpose as a podcaster and inspiration behind the Explore the Space show and arc of the podcast to date. With his obvious talent as a podcaster and a background in sports journalism, I am keen to glean tips and explore his own thoughts on the place for media training in medicine.   
           We discuss the place of social media platforms in medicine and potential podcasting affords to create connection, community and forge friendships in challenging times.  I am particularly interested to hear about the momentum and  inspiration behind the #medlasso movement which has gained considerable traction in our healthcare community.
      Mark discusses his TEDx  experience and talk on using compliments as a lever in medicine.
This conversation takes some delightful side trails into endurance running, the art and science of coffee roasting and why #medgrind has gained traction.
     I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and did feel I was getting some "coach Shapiro" schooling in the art of  podcasting and rhetoric. Enjoy!
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