Creative Careers in Medicine and building community through connection with Dr Amandeep Hansra

June 02, 2021 Season 2 Episode 7
Creative Careers in Medicine and building community through connection with Dr Amandeep Hansra
Show Notes

Welcome back to Season 2 Episode 7. In this episode I am delighted to introduce Dr Amandeep Hansra to the podcast.
           Dr Hansra  is a practicing GP in Sydney and a leader in digital health and telehealth in Australia. She is a director of Caligo Health.  She was the first CEO & Medical Director of Telstra’s telemedicine business, ReadyCare and also served as the Chief Medical Officer for Telstra Health.  Amandeep works as an advisor to many digital health companies and sits on a number of committees and boards with  organisations such as the Australian Medical Association, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, NPS Medicinewise and the Australian Institute of Digital Health as well as being a Clinical Reference Lead for the Australian Digital Health Agency.  She  holds a Master’s in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, is a Graduate of the AICD and was awarded the “Women Leading in Business Scholarship” for the Global Executive MBA at the University of Sydney.
         In addition to this impressive bio Amandeep is also the founder of  Creative Careers in Medicine.   CCIM  is growing community of now over  11 k  doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who think outside the square.  The platform provides information, education, opportunities and discussion of alternative career paths, side hustles and niche areas both within and outside medicine.  The successful inaugural CCIM conference was held online in 2020. 
        In this episode we discuss her own fascinating and diverse career and the trajectory which led to her finding niche and expertise in digital health.  Amandeep tells me about her experience as an expert through the past 12 months of the current pandemic when telemedicine  has been thrust into the spotlight and has emerged as a future essential healthcare technology.
         Amandeep talks about the inspiration and impetus behind Creative Careers in Medicine, why she thinks there is such an appetite for the platform and the powerful  impact this growing community of health professionals has had to date as a supportive and safe space to connect and share stories and information.
        CCIM are again hosting the Crazy Socks 4 Docs webinar June 4 2021 ( link to register below) and she tells me why it was so important for them to get involved. 
        We discuss the upcoming CCIM conference planned for November 5-7th in Sydney and the success of last year's inaugural virtual event.
        As a passionate, engaging and undoubtedly "busy" doctor and mother Amandeep shares her personal strategies, values and goals for work-life integration and is really testament to the adage "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life" Thank you Amandeep.

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CRS4Docs webinar 7.45am to 9am Friday June 4 2021
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