The Emergency Mind : applying knowledge under pressure with Dr Dan Dworkis

June 16, 2021 Season 2 Episode 8
The Emergency Mind : applying knowledge under pressure with Dr Dan Dworkis
Show Notes

        In S 2 E 8 I am delighted to speak to Dr Dan Dworkis MD PhD FACEP.  Dan is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at LAC and USC and is based in Santa Monica, California. He is notably the founder, creator and inspiration behind the Emergency Mind Podcast and most recently the Emergency Mind book
       In this episode I have the opportunity to delve into his emergency mind.
We discuss the evolution of his own journey as an Emergency physician and his passion for the subject of application of knowledge under pressure and how we might seek to improve this as any learned skill.
       In the Emergency Mind podcast Dan explores this, taking experience and examples from experts in the ER and other fields and disciplines. This has allowed him overtime to develop mental models and cognitive frameworks that we might use and apply ourselves. In this conversation Dan explores some of the concepts, as relayed in the book in more detail. ( Sangfroid, Wabi-Sabi, Train your Tired Moves, Humans not Robots) He uses his own pursuit of mastery and love of martial arts  as an example to demonstrate the application and art of practice in performance science and psychology.
      This is the book he wishes he had had as a trainee emergency physician but I feel it has continued applicability across the professional journey and indeed in general as we seek to improve our ability to respond to the challenges of our lives. 
"Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own"
Bruce Lee

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