The Magic of Movement for our Mind with Dr Brendon Stubbs

July 08, 2021 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 2 Episode 10
The Magic of Movement for our Mind with Dr Brendon Stubbs
Show Notes

In S 2 E 10 I am delighted to welcome Dr Brendon Stubbs BSc ( Hons) Physiotherapy Msc ( Neuro-rehabilitation ),PhD( Pain Medicine and Rehab) . 
           Dr Stubbs is a clinical-academic researcher with main interests in physical activity and mental health, ageing and meta-research. He has a fascinating skill set as both clinician and practising mental health physiotherapist and leading researcher nationally and internationally on the role of physical activity and movement in prevention and adjunctive treatment for mental health and wellbeing. He works with collaborators world wide and has published over 500 academic papers in leading journals across multiple scientific fields.
            I first listened to Brendon on another podcast and was fascinated by his work and translational research to help clinicians and patients in clinical practice. 
      In this conversation Brendon speaks about his own career journey to date. He summarises his encyclopaedic knowledge on this topic of movement and physical activity for our  mental wellbeing looking at prevention, adjective treatment in the common mental health disorders and the underpinning neurobiological, genetic and psychosocial factors contributing to why movement is such a powerful tool.  Brendon refers to the magic of movement and we learn how it can quite literally change our brain.
             As both academic researcher and  practising clinician, Brendon is very familiar with the challenges of, not only, doing high quality research in his field, but also in translating this into practice. He shares some practical applications and advice for clinicians, patients and indeed all of us looking to incorporate more movement into our lives.
        We discuss the current recommendations for movement physical and mental health and how less can be more particularly getting started.  I throughly enjoyed this conversation and encourage you to follow Brendon and his work on the links discussed here and listed below.

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Book: Exercise Based Interventions for Mental Illness by Dr Brendon Stubbs and Dr Simon Rosenbaum

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