Falling back in love with Emergency Medicine 2.0 with Dr Andrea Austin.

October 11, 2021 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 2 Episode 14
Falling back in love with Emergency Medicine 2.0 with Dr Andrea Austin.
Show Notes

            In S2 E14 I am delighted to welcome Dr Andrea Austin MD, FACEP, FAAEM, CHSE to the podcast. Dr Austin is an Emergency Physician and Simulation educator based in Southern California.  She graduated medical school from the University of Iowa and completed her emergency medicine residency at Naval Medical Center San Diego ( NMCSD) Dr Austin was the first female emergency physician to be stationed at Navy Trauma Training Center ( NTTC) at LA County + USC, one of the busiest trauma centers in the United States.  As the emergency medicine physician and simulation director at NTTC, she trained hundreds of military medical personnel in the latest trauma advances to prepare them to provide medical care in austere environments. In 2016 she deployed to Iraq as part of a Shock Trauma Platoon. Andrea will also be familiar to many listeners as the co-host of The Emergency Mind podcast with previous guest Dr Dan Dworkis. Her voice has kept me and many anchored through this challenging time. Her most recent endeavour the Revitalize Women Physician Circle combines her experience with executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development.     
                           Dr Austin makes active, meaningful contributions to a number of key areas of medical practice including medical simulation education and training, military medicine, veterans’ health, equity in medicine and female leadership, mentoring and advancing physician and healthcare worker wellbeing conversations and strategy.
                  In this conversation Andrea allows me to explore her professional and personal journey wearing these hats. This conversation spans simulation as teaching tool, female leadership, coaching and mentoring through finding her voice as a podcast host.  Specifically, she reflects on her own experiences of career burnout, the role coaching has played in helping her to determine and align her values in the workplace to ultimately cultivate sustainable career satisfaction.  Regular listeners will be familiar with many of the themes we discuss and Andrea gives truly valuable perspective.
         Andrea first introduced me to Ted Lasso and the #Medlasso movement inspired by Dr Mark Shapiro from the Explore the Space Podcast and no discussion of leadership and team culture would be complete without some #medlasso critique!
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