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Studying team culture and cultivating psychological safety in medicine with Dr Eve Purdy

November 13, 2021 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 2 Episode 15
The Mind Full Medic Podcast
Studying team culture and cultivating psychological safety in medicine with Dr Eve Purdy
Show Notes

    In S2 E15 I am delighted to welcome Dr Eve Purdy to the podcast. Dr Purdy has a fascinating skill set as both Emergency Physician and Applied Anthropologist. She completed her emergency medicine residency in Kingston, Ontario in Canada whilst concurrently studying for her masters in anthropology in Utah. Today she combines her passion and expertise using her skills to research and evaluate culture and team dynamics in emergency medicine and resuscitation.
        In the first half of this episode Eve introduces her research work and methods to explore the values, beliefs and practises defining culture in emergency medicine. I was first introduced to this through the video she produced "Welcome to the ED family".  This resonated widely in our emergency medicine community and was inspired by research work using a simulated emergency department to produce an environment of "cultural compression" to study our core values, beliefs and defining practises in emergency medicine.  I particularly like Eve's take that Emergency Medicine is well characterised as "navigating uncertainty together."   We go on to discuss a second study, the subject of Eve's thesis, looking at trauma team dynamics using simulation and she summarises key findings and characteristics of high performing teams.
    In the second part of the conversation Eve tells me more about her work on cultivating psychologically safe teams in medicine. She explores the what, why and how of psychological safety in clinical settings. Eve  highlights the importance of small moments and opportunities throughout our working day to optimise safety for staff ( the means)  and ultimately positively impact quality of care for our patients ( the goal). Such moments include the team huddle, after-action review and onus on senior clinicians to set the tone.  I left our conversation with some very practical and actionable strategies and pearls to take to the clinical floor tomorrow.
I learned a lot from Eve and look forward to following future applied research from Dr Purdy and her team. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the ED Family
 Identifying and Transmitting the Culture of Emergency Medicine Through Simulation
Doing our work better, together: a relationship-based approach to defining the quality improvement agenda in trauma care.

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