Reboot Forward

Matthew Gould - CHANGE = life!

August 13, 2020 Matthew Gould Episode 14
Reboot Forward
Matthew Gould - CHANGE = life!
Show Notes

Matthew Gould positively impacts revenue and performance metrics with companies through collaborating with leaders and focussing energy and resources on SWN (so what now). He spent 24 years leading sales teams in the fast paced and ever-changing telecom industry and has spent the last 7 years co-creating customized leadership academies with businesses across North America and working as a professionally certified coach. 

He is the President and Co-Founder of More Co Ltd, a husband, and father of 3. 

Matthew is passionate about relationship-based leadership and serves his clients to realize their greatest results by championing extreme ownership for what they can control. 

He can be reached at 604 328 8500 on Instagram and  

Check out the 50+ articles on LinkedIn (Matthew Gould) with thought provoking perspectives and practical tools for leadership, sales, performance, and teamwork. 

According to Matthew, we are in a constant state of change. 

AND....we should focus on being present regardless of the changing that is taking place.


- can't control or change the past.

- can't control or change the future as the future never comes.

- one zone to be aware of our impact on change...the PRESENT. (now is forever)

Replace WTF with SWN (So what's next?)

- I have been laid off....focus on SWN

- I have been impacted by covid...focus on SWN

- I have heard the words 'you have cancer' spoken about my family members...focus on SWN

CHANGE is life.  To not change is a lack of life (Death)

In business, individually AND as a team, HOW we intentionally create change and HOW we respond to the changes that have happen is one of the keys to thriving at work and at home.

CHANGE is feedback. Listen to the feedback and you will see what you need to STC

- stop

- start

- continue

and where do you take action?....a) past (impossible) b) present YES  c) future (never comes)

Matthew is also the co-author of “Lead from Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership”, one of Amazon's top 5 best new releases for business and leadership.