Reboot Forward

Faun Finley - The Art of Storytelling in 2020

August 27, 2020 Barry Forward Episode 15
Reboot Forward
Faun Finley - The Art of Storytelling in 2020
Show Notes

My guest on this episode of the Reboot Forward Podcast is professional storyteller Faun Finley. 

Faun discusses:

  • What makes a great story
  • Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey: The Call to Adventure, Refusing the Call, The Ordeal, and the Return with the Elixir. 
  • Personal Branding & Branding Your Business

Faun came to storytelling honestly honing her craft in the cynical world of west coast advertising where she worked with some of the top agencies in Los Angeles and produced video for Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies.

She spent 5 years with Walt Disney Imagineering – the innovation and storytelling arm of Disney.  Faun also worked for 10 years at the News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina as a Senior Marketing and Brand Specialist. Faun Finley is a creative communications professional and sustainability entrepreneur who uses her expertise to market purpose-driven organizations. Looking to inject more meaning into her creativity, she switched to documentary production and journalistic media. Most recently, she founded Story Effects Consulting to help companies grow genuine connections with their audiences through authentic marketing and human-centered storytelling. She also teaches storytelling methodology as a means of influence to writers, business professionals, public speakers, and college students. After the recession in 2008 she moved her digital storytelling expertise to the world of sustainability, receiving her Masters in sustainability leadership in 2017.  Faun Finley lives and works in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Human Centered Storytelling: