Reboot Forward

Nicole Dunbar - Searching for a Job in a 2020 World

September 03, 2020 Nicole Dunbar Episode 16
Reboot Forward
Nicole Dunbar - Searching for a Job in a 2020 World
Show Notes

What does it take to mount a job search in 2020.  We've had just about everything thrown at us this year.  Nicole Dunbar is a certified Life Coach, a Career and Business Coach, and the Founder of Congruency International. In this podcast, Nicole discusses proven strategies to successfully land a new job, despite all that is going on. 

Nicole discusses:

  1. Personal Branding - how important it is - even in the midst of a pandemic..
  2. Career Reputation - ensuring you don't get ruled out for a new role because of your social media activity.
  3. Tone Deaf Networking - knowing how important it is to be aware of the what is going on in the world in 2020 and how it it might influence your approach to your job search.
  4. Active Learning - how demonstrating your ability to learn is vital in 2020.
  5. Job Search Planning - the importance of creating an action plan and executing on it every day.

Background on Nicole Dunbar:

Nicole provides professional branding, career transition, and business development guidance to entrepreneurs and career professionals across North America.  She has served over 900 private clients across diverse industries and job functions, and trains thousands of candidates in career transition each year on topics such as Resume Development, Over 50 Job Search Tips, Personal Branding, Linked In, and much more.

Nicole has held management roles in Corporate and Nonprofit organizations across multiple industries (Packaged Goods,, Higher Ed, Healthcare, Social Services, Hospitality). Her job functions included Marketing, Operations and Administrative Management, and HR/Recruiting.  She holds a Degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Nicole is known for her skills in coaching, problem-solving, as well as process development, implementation and audit, which allow her to create “Order from Chaos” with her clients.

Nicole regularly offers powerful career and business coaching events and content.  To learn more about the program mentioned on today’s broadcast, or schedule a consultation, contact Nicole via email at: or connect with her on LinkedIn where she shares her knowledge and expertise on a daily basis: