Reboot Forward

Jeremy Holt - The End of Leadership Development As We Know It

September 17, 2020 Jeremy Holt Episode 18
Reboot Forward
Jeremy Holt - The End of Leadership Development As We Know It
Show Notes

On today's podcast we discuss the state of Leadership Development around the globe.  Jeremy believes that the leadership development industry has focused too much on the individual leader and take a look at the data that shows high performing teams & companies are driven more by a strong identities rather than great leaders. 

Jeremy Holt is an Occupational Psychologist with 24 years’ experience as a consultant, a coach, and a leadership trainer. He has a Social Psychology Degree from the University of Kent and worked in London advertising agencies for seven years before taking his Masters in Occupational Psychology (MSc). He is the Founder and CEO of Centre for Team Excellence in Sussex, England.

Jeremy's research with the University of Sussex in the UK has concluded the following:

  1. Team identity causes a highly significant increase in perceived and actual team performance. 
  2. Over time the differences in team identity and team performance polarized such that those teams with strong identities became stronger and performed better, while those that started weak became weaker. 
  3. After 6 months the 20% of teams with the strongest identities outperformed the 20% with the weakest identities by a massive 53%. 

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