Reboot Forward

Esther Hephzibah - Shining Light on Self Leadership

September 24, 2020 Esther Hepzibah Episode 19
Reboot Forward
Esther Hephzibah - Shining Light on Self Leadership
Show Notes

Esther Hephzibah - Self-described human connection catalyst, Esther has a relentless passion to connect leaders of organizations with transformative and sustainable solutions that brings continued progressive value to their bottom-line. Esther thrives on motivating and energizing people around a strategic mission and purpose.

A Solution-driven leader with 12+ years’ broad-based experience in a Fortune 500 company and highly transferable skills in implementing transformation strategies that align employee development and productivity with organizational goals. As an exceptional relationship-builder and champion of progressive change, her focus is to help talents succeed and organizations thrive.

Esther has earned a reputation for assessing and resolving a wide range of organizational development, workplace culture, and human capital issues. She is also known for repeated success catapulting bottom-line margins and service quality in establishments with 100- 1500 employees and budgets of $5M-$250M.

Adept at working in culturally diverse work environments and communicating effectively with employees at all organizational levels, her unique blend of strengths offer human connection and innovative oriented strategies that ignite sustainable positive change.

As an independent Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Esther strives to value people and add value to them by offering virtual Leadership Development Training and Workshops (Lunch and Learns, Masterminds), seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching that aid personal and professional growth through practical application of John C. Maxwell's proven leadership strategies.

Esther is also passionate about advancing women in leadership and creating inclusive cultures.

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