Reboot Forward

Shaneel Pathak - Taking Control of Your Personal Health Data

November 05, 2020 Shaneel Pathak Episode 24
Reboot Forward
Shaneel Pathak - Taking Control of Your Personal Health Data
Show Notes

Shaneel Pathak, CEO, Cofounder - ZoeInsights 

Shaneel cofounded ZoeInsights with the goal of empowering people with the resources, knowledge and tools they need to mobilize their own personalized health data, to connect meaningfully with the wisdom of the global health community, and to spend less time on health care and more time living their best possible lives. 

Shaneel'spassion came from the challenges his late-wife experienced after diagnoses of Stage-4 lung cancer. During the four-year journey, Shaneel realized there were limited digital tools to consolidate and collate the scattered information for himself, family and their care-team.   ZoeInsights was born from a desire to improve how patients and their caregivers use data to optimize their health.

Shaneel has a degree in Computer Engineering and a M.A Political Economy. He has worked overseas as a management consultant in England and Australia and volunteered for the World Wildlife Fund in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea.   In 2015, he became a patient advocate and speaker on the power of health data in your hands at conferences across Canada.

He is an avid traveller, pilot and loves the outdoors. Shaneel and his schnoodle, Zoey live in Calgary, Alberta

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