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Feedback - Courage Confab

February 11, 2021 Barry Forward Episode 28
Reboot Forward
Feedback - Courage Confab
Show Notes

Feedback.   Leadership Coach Dagmar Meachem joins me for a Courage Confab discussion on Feedback.  We look at creating a culture where feedback is welcomed, encouraged and trusted.  How to give good balanced feedback and strategies to incorporate feedback as a leader.

Randall Stutman founder and co-head of the Leadership Practice  the Admired Leadership Institute states that Balanced Feedback requires a person to give both positive and negative feedback in an equally vivid, elaborate, and detailed manner.

Radical Candor - 11 Ways to Get Feedback From Others:

Tip 1: Have a go-to question
A question like, “Is there anything I could do or stop doing that would make it easier to work with me?”

Tip 2: Embrace the discomfort
After asking for feedback, stop talking and “embrace the discomfort.” Count to 7 and commit to allowing the other person to speak first.

Tip 3: Listen with the intent to understand, not to respond
Don’t interrupt or argue when someone gives you feedback. Just listen, focus on understanding what the person is telling you, and try to learn something from it. 

Tip 4: Reward criticism to get more of it
When someone provides feedback to you, treat it like a treasured gift!

Tip 5: Ask for public criticism
Another way to show that you appreciate the criticism you receive is to ask those who are most comfortable criticizing you to give the same feedback in front of others.

Tip 6: Criticize yourself in public
Criticizing yourself in public is a great way to show that you feel comfortable acknowledging that you aren’t perfect, that you have room for improvement.

Tip 7: Call out body language
Even if people aren’t telling you what they really think with their words, their body language may still be sending a more candid message.

Tip 8: Relish being wrong
Show people that you are happy when they prove you wrong.

Tip 9: Show that you care
When you show you care, you build a relationship and you build trust. People will stop seeing you as the “jerk in charge” and assuming the worst.

Tip 10: Don’t try to change your style
Figure out how to use your personal style, be it very vocal or very quiet, tough or gentle, approachable or intimidating, to invite criticism of yourself, to remind people that you want to be challenged. 

Tip 11: Get theatrical
Sometimes you have to be really over the top to get feedback.

Brené Brown: Engaged Feedback Checklist

Dagmar Meachem is an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), ICF and EQ-i 2.0 Certified.  She provides 1-1 coaching, group coaching and custom designed facilitated workshops. She has also worked in the area of personal and business development, health coaching and website design.

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