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Wendy Wiesman - Guiding Bold, Unapologetic Women to their Next Best Thing

March 04, 2021 Wendy Wiesman Episode 30
Reboot Forward
Wendy Wiesman - Guiding Bold, Unapologetic Women to their Next Best Thing
Show Notes

Award-winning marketer and leader turned entrepreneur, Wendy Wiesman, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ready. Set. Pivot.  Most recently, Wendy was the VP of Marketing & Customer Experience at a medical device startup organization. Prior to that, she served as the marketing leader for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSMN) for six years, where she transformed the marketing organization from one that operated and thought ‘analog’ to one that achieved National digital marketing awards. 

Recognized by Minnesota Business Magazine in 2018 as a Women Who Lead nominee, and some might say at the top of her game, she left corporate marketing to pursue the opening of a retail cheese store three years ago. Today in partnership with her five co-founders, she’s engaging and leading other bold women to take small steps toward big change though the active pursuit of their next best thing. A firm believer and someone who lives each day under the mantra that ‘happiness is time well spent’.

The six women co-founded Ready, Set, Pivot (RSP) to guide bold, unapologetic women to their next best thing through experiences designed to help propel them forward - faster.  Together they are challenging  the universe to think differently about talented women, and help create new measures of success.  RSP experiences are designed to include small steps that drive action toward making positive career and life change.

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