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Joanne Newborn - How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

March 18, 2021 Joanne Newborn Episode 31
Reboot Forward
Joanne Newborn - How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
Show Notes

Joanne Newborn is a Certified Lifestyle & Leadership Executive Coach with nearly 20 years of Corporate experience in Sales, Marketing & Management.  She has her MBA from Penn State University and graduated with Beta Gamma Sigma Honors.  She  guides career focused individuals who feel frustrated, unfulfilled and stressed out to become empowered leaders so they can attain their dream job, with ideal salary and a luxurious (guilt-free) work/life balance. 

According to Joanne Newborn here are a few steps to stop being a People Pleaser:

  • Observe and recognize this quality in yourself – without judgement. Just observe that this quality exists.
  • Take responsibility – take ownership of knowing this quality may be holding you back from making decisions as a leader vs. a follower.
  • Take action to make a change – start to make an uncomfortable decision. Step out of your “people pleasing” comfort zone and speak up for what you believe in, share your ideas, move forward in the face of that fear.

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