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Boundaries - Courage Confab with Dagmar Meachem

April 08, 2021 Dagmar Meachem Episode 33
Reboot Forward
Boundaries - Courage Confab with Dagmar Meachem
Show Notes

Why is it so hard to set boundaries?  Oftentimes, it signifies a deeper value set.

Once you start establishing healthy boundaries, you can expect others to react negatively. This is a sign that the boundary is necessary and that it's working effectively. It's also helpful to visualize your boundaries getting crossed and imagine how you'll address those situations. That way, when a moment like that arises, you’ll be able to handle it rationally versus emotionally.

Employees who are the happiest and most productive are those who set boundaries. People who set limits gain respect because they show respect for themselves.

“Having the courage to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. “ Brene Brown 

Barry Forward suggests The Five Steps to Establishing Work Boundaries:

  1. Prioritize your values
  2. Communicate your boundaries clearly
  3. Bring up a boundary or violation right away
  4. Focus on concrete rather than personal explanations
  5. Be ready for boundary breaches - have a game plan

Dagmar Meachem on Boundaries: 

  1. Trust your gut
  2. Be Courageous
  3. Take Personal Responsibility
  4. Explore Lack of Boundary Motivation
  5. Practice Reframing - to give you freedom to set the boundary
  6. Speak up - make choice to do something rather than be a victim

Dagmar Meachem is an accredited Professional Certified Coach by Erickson Coaching International, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation and is EQ-i 2.0 Certified.  She provides one-one coaching, group coaching and custom designed facilitated workshops. Throughout her career, she’s also worked in the area of personal and business development, health coaching and website design.

Dagmar believes that obstacles can be an opportunity for growth and transformation and courage is a catalyst for change. For over 15 years, Dagmar has worked with leaders locally and internationally at all different levels of crisis and business models, coming alongside them through their change, growth and transformation as they take the next step in reaching their full potential. Her focus and methodology for change is to help create more courageous individuals, as she believes in courage as a catalyst for change, pushing us to act, move forward, and power through challenges. She is an accomplished leadership coach, facilitator, entrepreneur and change maker.

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