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Alix & Craig Malcolm - The Lunatics Do IVF

May 20, 2021 Barry Forward
Reboot Forward
Alix & Craig Malcolm - The Lunatics Do IVF
Show Notes

The Lunatics: Craig & Alix Malcolm

The Lunatics, Craig & Alix, are doing IVF.  And in regular Lunatic fashion, they can't shut up about it! They found that during their journey there wasn’t enough support for men affected by infertility, so they're trying to change that by having their own open and VERY honest conversations.  Their podcast offers a unique view on the Infertility experience from both the Male & Female perspective and encourages men to join in on the discussion.  In each episode they discuss their experience, tell stories, argue and have some laughs along the way.  Because if you’re not laughing, you’re crying and they've done enough of that lately to last a lifetime.  

The podcast is called The Lunatics Do IVF.

Craig was born and raised in the UK.  An avid travel, he's been to 86 countries and has lived and worked in over 39 countries including 2 years spent running tours in Africa.  Moved to Vancouver, BC in 2011 and became a Canadian Citizen in 2019.

Alix is first generation Canadian, and a UK citizen. Born and raised in Delta, BC and can't believe I've ended up settling back here.  Hoping to convince Craig to move back to the UK one of these days!

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