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1.31 One Broken Mom: Recovering Mom
January 13, 2019 Amee Quiriconi

In this episode, Amee interviews a fellow "Broken Mom", Melissa Kreutz. Melissa is a recovering alcoholic who became a mother while on her journey of sobriety. Today, she supports other mothers where ever they are on their own path of recovery through her own blog, Mommy Without Wine, as well as the non-profit organization, Sober Mommies. 

In this episode, listen as Melissa shares her story of hitting rock bottom as an alcoholic and what its like to be in sobriety in a culture that glorifies alcohol and makes light of wine-drinking moms. Amee and Melissa also talk about the likely contributions to her addiction from her experiences growing up, and Melissa shares her strategies that work at helping her maintain her focus on sobriety.

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