Parents' Rights Now!

TRANSGENDER CRAZE: Part 3: ILLINOIS Seduction and Deception

March 29, 2022 Suzanne Gallagher Season 2 Episode 117
Parents' Rights Now!
TRANSGENDER CRAZE: Part 3: ILLINOIS Seduction and Deception
Show Notes

GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS CCSD 46 Board of Education Meeting



The Transgender Craze is not just crazy, it’s dangerous! Parents have to stand against the notion that school officials presume to now better than you what your children need. It is unconscionable we are even debating the presumption minors have the cognitive ability to understand their sexual preferences or desires before they are ever fully man or woman! How can a young girl possibly know she is REALLY a boy when she is 8?

Many more students are making choices they otherwise would not have, without peer pressure to do so.  GSA Clubs encourage students to join, or be considered a bigot. Although, parents can have such conversations with their own children if they choose, public school policy requires staff to teach students about controversial behaviors, question and challenge family beliefs and values, and encourage students to experiment sexually with one another. Students are asked to make decisions about sexual orientation even before entering puberty, and accept ideologies when they are in Kindergarten.

It’s not that easy to step sideways or out!… Hormone injections will render kids sterile within four months. Chest binders can cause life threatening complications, including destroying breast tissue. Young women cannot either conceive or nurse their children. Once a minor student begins “transition,” as the GLSEN protocol specifies, he or she is encouraged to change their name and pronouns, and use opposite sex rest rooms without parent knowledge or permission. In most cases the child is assured their secret is “safe” with the school. We hear from parents across the nation whose children have “come out” to them long after they have been assimilated into the trans culture, and begun wearing chest binders, taking hormones, and scheduled surgery. Oregon law makes these services available to students at taxpayer expense as young as 14. 

Scientific Studies show the brain does not mature until age 25…or later

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