Parents' Rights Now!

Make America's Schools Great Again!

May 04, 2021 Suzanne Gallagher Season 1 Episode 58
Parents' Rights Now!
Make America's Schools Great Again!
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Suzanne Gallagher, Director, Parents’ Rights In Education

Parents’ Rights in Education. We Value Students, Empower Parents and Enlighten Communities!

We stand for the fundamental right of parents to raise their children, and firmly believe children belong to their families, NOT the state, the teachers, the teachers’ union, or any other bureaucrat. 

We believe that in this current, and increasing political climate of medical mandates, forced vaccines, and the hyper-sexualization of children; parents have the final say.

Parents are frustrated with some curriculums taught to their children. They want to participate in their child’s education, however their views are not respected! It is clear… the term inclusive only applies to some!

Public schools are for everyone, and by law all children in the US have a right to free K-12 public education.

School Boards admit they are no longer academic institutions,…they are Social Service Agencies! 

Parents want to be involved in life changing decision-making with their minor children. But, School Based Heath Clinics have brought a new dynamic to the local community. Suddenly, the "school nurse" is administering examinations, psychological counseling, medications, treatments, and referrals for surgery, and vaccines, all without parent knowledge or consent. The parent - child relationship has been breached, and parents are shocked when confronted with often radical results.

We believe everyone’s opinion matters.  Political bias cannot be tolerated. One sided political ideologies are often promoted and presented as truth, without discussion of other viewpoints. Reports of discrimination are shocking. Students have been disciplined and even expelled for representing opposing views…like free enterprise, free speech and the US Constitution...

What can be done? Today our best strategy is to win back respect for parents by taking back local school boards. Our message is simple. School Boards, listen to the parents. You work for them!

Oregon LAW: ORS 332.072 Legal Status of School Districts

…Pursuant to law, district school boards have control of the district schools and are responsible for educating children residing in the district. (1965 c.100& 139) We just need to take our schools back.

We are starting at the local level, with our school boards. These boards are the elected governing bodies who decide policy, and select curriculum, and yet they have drifted away from their responsibly to represent the community and the parents. 

School Board Members legally have the power create and change school policies. And yet, Superintendents encourage members to comply with requests from state departments of education, and teacher’s unions.

We are asking school boards, who do you represent? The Parents’ Rights In Education Proclamation establishes an understanding between school districts and their communities. It’s time to re-establish parent’s rights in education!

Public schools are for everyone. We’re committed to equality, and equal protections for ALL parents, and ALL families. Please stand with us, speak up, and join our cause.

Parents’ Rights in Education is a tax deductible non profit organization and we rely solely on the contributions of individuals who support our values. DONATE HERE!

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to this time together!

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