Unlocking Athletic Potential

E#46 | Jeff Ross - All Terrains, No Limits - Excelling as a Masters Athlete

May 12, 2021 Ian Deeth and Johnny Tieu Season 1 Episode 46
Unlocking Athletic Potential
E#46 | Jeff Ross - All Terrains, No Limits - Excelling as a Masters Athlete
Show Notes

We welcome multidisciplinary distance runner and coach, Jeff Ross, to the @unlockingathleticpotential podcast this week.

Jeff originates from Scotland but has been living in Malaysia for the past 10 years. At high school, he participated in cross-country running and track athletics but found his passion in squash for most of his adulthood. In 2013, now in his late 30s, he returned to running and has made incredible progress across a broad range of distances and terrains. Now at 46 years young, today’s guest continues to excel on the road, trails and stairs and is a regular race winner in Malaysia, not just in the masters categories but against elite athletes in their prime. The achievement that brought Jeff arguably the most attention was his third place finish in the Gobi March Race in 2017. He also ran a 16:30 5km dressed as a banana!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The sporting moment that has brought him the greatest sense of happiness
  • His athletic journey and rediscovering running in 2013
  • Finishing third at the Gobi March in 2017
  • Becoming a coach
  • The mentors who have guided him and training principles he has employed
  • Structuring training to be versatile over a range of distances 
  • Key routines and habits he employs to help him recover 
  • How Lila Movetech has been a game changer for his training
  • The launch of ‘Total Running Club’
  • His number one piece of advice to help everyone unlock their athletic potential

Find out more about TotalRunningClub.com here

You can find out more about Jeff’s recommended recovery, Hammer Recoverite, at hammernutrition.com.my

Jeff also discusses the Lila technology; you can find out more by clicking on lilamovetech.com 

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