Course Creation Bites

3.18 How to make great course videos

November 16, 2021 Sam Winch
Course Creation Bites
3.18 How to make great course videos
Show Notes

Show Notes:

I know when I work with clients and we talk about video, it seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks they have (other than tech).

There is a really important need for video but just remember that it isn’t always an essential element for a course. 

Here are some of the strategies I have used to make video recording easier. 

  1. Find somewhere to set up where you feel comfortable.  Find a background that doesn’t confuse or distract students, but it also helps you relax and not worry about what is going on in the background. 
  2. Relax.  I know that’s really hard sometimes, just remember that video represents you and your brand in the same way as all the other mediums.    Make sure you have good lighting and good sound, but otherwise treat it the same way as you would a conversation with one student at a time on a video hookup. 
  3. Find a way to feel comfortable remembering what to say. This might be fully scripted or to have some key notes that you need to remember.   

Action Steps:

I encourage you to give it a go.   The wonderful thing about turning on the video and having a go is that no one has to see it.   Test different locations, lighting and how you work best remembering what to say. 

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