Course Creation Bites

3.19 Great courses are flexible

November 24, 2021 Sam Winch Season 3 Episode 19
Course Creation Bites
3.19 Great courses are flexible
Show Notes

Show Notes:

And I don't mean they can touch their toes... ;) 

I’m talking about flexibility in terms of course content and course material and how we do things.   This is a build on from episode from 3.17 where we talked about what a course is and how there isn’t a right or wrong.    

It’s important to be:

  1. Flexible about course content.   A great course changes often.  It’s a continual growing process based on feedback from students and experience.   Taking out material that doesn’t work can be just as important as putting new material in. 
  2. Flexible with course delivery.    Delivery flexibility is a really important part of making sure your students get what they need at the right time. 
  3. Flexible with support methods.  Often, we offer the support we think we should offer, but this doesn’t make it the right support for your students.   
  4. Open to feedback.   We need rounded feedback – positive testimonials but also good, robust feedback to assist with improving the course. 

Action Steps:

Make sure you get great feedback.  

If you have launched your course, reach out to current and past students to get well rounded feedback.  

If you haven’t launched your course yet, build the mechanism in to get feedback.  

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