Course Creation Bites

3.20 The importance of YOU in your course

December 01, 2021 Sam Winch Season 3 Episode 20
Course Creation Bites
3.20 The importance of YOU in your course
Show Notes

Show Notes:

If you are a small business or personal brand and you are the figurehead of your business, its important to understand that people are buying YOU.   

There are ways that you can leverage the understanding that they want You. 

  1. Trust.  When someone is purchasing a course, they want the answers to the problem and they need to trust that YOU know those answers and are the right person to teach them.  
  2. Learn from YOU.  If they have purchased a course, they want you to teach them.  The REAL you.  When it comes to video, they still want to learn from YOU, so show up as you.   
  3. Time with YOU.  As a general rule, they still expect time with you.  They expect you to be the person facilitating the group calls or the coaching program.  They expect you to show up in the Facebook groups. 

So, what does that mean for you?  It means that you need to make sure you are allocating time for the delivery and facilitation of the program, not just the sales process. 

Action Steps:

I really want you to think about how you are showing up as part of your program.   If you have been putting off video for a while, think about how you would show up for a zoom meeting or a Facebook live and just do that for your video.  That is the you they expect.  
Outside of video, think about how you are showing up in your course.  How much access do they get to you?  Are you giving too much or not enough?   

Also, really think about that first stage coming in with the trust process.  Do they already know you, like you and trust you before they come to your sales page or are they coming from cold traffic – and if they are coming from cold traffic, how can you work on that trust process and why you are who you are from your sales page?

That’s it for this time, but really go away and think about how you can put you into your program. 

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