Course Creation Bites

3.21 - The year that was

December 06, 2021 Sam Winch Season 3 Episode 21
Course Creation Bites
3.21 - The year that was
Show Notes

Show Notes:

Today I want to talk about some of the things I worked on, some things I have seen working and what you can take from this to help with your course and program. 

The year that was: 

I have worked with 34 different clients this year across 7 different platforms.     This is important and why I never recommend one particular platform to use – it is important to use the platform that works best for you and your course, and each person’s needs are different.

I’ve also done dozens and dozens of course mapping sessions with clients.   

We have worked with clients doing 3 different launches this year:   Waitlist launches, live launches and lots of smaller evergreen launches.   Again – there isn’t one right option for every client.    Anyone who is telling you that there is only one correct way is lying – there are lots of right ways. 

There are 3 takeaways I think are important:

  1. Working with a warm audience list.   You will get a far better response if you have a warm list. 
  2. Offer supported outcomes.   More and more I’m seeing students and clients wanting to be supported on their way through and into the outcome they are hoping to achieve. 
  3. The ability to pivot quickly.  You have to take action and sometimes it is fast.  If there has been a shift and there is a change in people’s need – that’s when people are going to be searching for an answer. 

Action Steps:

One of the biggest things I think you should take from today is to build a warm list.  Build your audience and offer them solutions now.

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