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Episode 24: Rob Cornilles - Game Face - The Sales Game Changer

October 27, 2020 John Bossong / Rob Cornilles Season 1 Episode 24
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
Episode 24: Rob Cornilles - Game Face - The Sales Game Changer
Show Notes

Today’s guest on The Sales Vitamin Podcast is Rob Cornilles, he’s the founder and CEO of Game Face Inc

Rob founded Game Face Inc. over 25 years ago and it’s now one of the largest sports sales training organizations in the world.  Game Face has worked with over 300 sports teams (at all levels) and conducted over 2,400 sales training workshops.  

Although Game Face has its roots in the sports industry they have branched out into multiple industries providing consulting and sales and service training.  

Cornilles started his sales career with the Los Angeles Clippers in the 90’s selling season and group tickets for what Sports Illustrated deemed the worst franchise in history at the time.  

Talk about a tough way to start your sales career.  But, he used the experience to become one of the top sales leaders in the NBA.  It’s with the Clippers that he learned how to sell the experience not the product. 

Cornilles also has a new book coming out, The Sales Game Changer: How To Become The Salesperson People Love.  It was #1 on Amazon on 3 continents in 12 hours.  

Game Face’s unique approach has led them to becoming one of the go to sales training organizations in the sports industry, and now, they are taking this approach to other sectors as well.  

Here's what you'll learn in this episode: 

  • How Rob's sales career started with the LA Clippers.
  • Selling the product vs selling the results. 
  • Objections. 
  • Creating Game Face.
  • Finding Sales Success.
  • How they've pivoted during the pandemic.
  • 3 key sales training needs for all sales professionals.
  • The meaning of urgency. 
  • Telling vs Selling.
  • Words matter.
  • Social media and selling.
  • One sales vitamin.  

This episode is filled with practical sales advice that you can implement right away and Rob does a fantastic job of articulating the examples and stories.   

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