The Sales Vitamin Podcast

Episode 55: Ade Fleet & SalesAde

May 22, 2021 John Bossong / Ade Fleet Season 2 Episode 56
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
Episode 55: Ade Fleet & SalesAde
Show Notes

Today's guest on The Sales Vitamin Podcast is Ade Fleet

Ade is the founder of the SalesAde training platform and passionate about Commercial Creativity and has developed a unique program to help teams close their creativity gap.

With 20 years’ experience SalesAde is perfectly positioned to tailor a program specific to your team. 

Ade's background is in healthcare which evolved into sales and sales management.  He formalized his passion to coach, working three years as a senior university lecturer; securing adult teaching, coaching and assessor qualifications.

His corporate experience is both national and international, most recently in European regional sales management. 

His unique Sellie - Bringing More Elephant Into Sales - approach captures the power of the elephant as he leads sales professionals on a learning journey.  SalesAde also utilizes active listening to tailor sales programs specific to your team utilizing a five step process to capture results.

Some Sellie Sales Keys  

  • Keep Grazing 
  • Herd Mentality 
  • Thick Skin
  • Finding Water
  • Pack Your Trunk

Here's what we discuss in this episode: 

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