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Episode 61: Andrea Freeman - Andrea Freeman Consulting

June 20, 2021 John Bossong / Andrea Freeman Season 2 Episode 61
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
Episode 61: Andrea Freeman - Andrea Freeman Consulting
Show Notes

Today's guest on The Sales Vitamin Podcast is Andrea Freeman

Andrea is the founder of Andrea Freeman Consulting.  She's a business coach and peak performance planner.  Andrea works with creative entrepreneurs to support them in their evolution.

Andrea is no stranger to starting and operating a business.  She started her first business when she was 12, second business at 26 and her third business at 31. 

She is professionally trained as an educator and leadership development coach and honed her entrepreneurial skills and scaled her celebrity event planning business to multiple six-figures in annual revenue. 

After years of synthesizing the peak performance habits of the entrepreneurs in her event planning business, Andrea created the H.O.S.T method.  Now, she's on a mission to help service-based business owners realign with their purpose, create greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and make a difference in the world.

She's also the host of the popular The Upleveled Entrepreneur Podcast.   A one stop shop for expert interviews, mini coaching sessions, and intimate behind-the-scenes secrets from her own business. Everything you need to dive in, do the work, and create a business that feels as good as it looks.

Here's what we discuss in this episode: 

  • Andrea's background.
  • Key mindset traits of top performers. 
  • Leveraging your mindset. 
  • The H.O.S.T. Method. 
  • Developing a morning routine. 
  • Personal development before professional development.
  • Why clients work with her.
  • The abundant mindset.
  • What the event planning business taught her about sales.
  • Pandemic lessons and pivoting.
  • Creating lasting impact. 
  • One sales vitamin. 

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